Agenda of Greater Israel

Talking of War on Terror, Violence, Religious Extremism ........the truth is that :

It is the Agenda of Greater Israel.

But Nuclear Pakistan is a deterrent, an obstacle on the way to Madina Almonawarah and the Holy lands.

They first divided the Arabs into tiny defenseless States and installed puppet regimes by engineered dismantling of Ottoman Empire.

Reduced Turkey to nothing. Thanks to Lawrence of Arabia.

Following the same sinister plan they have already dismembered Pakistan, devastated Iran of shah Reza Pahlavi , Egypt of Sadat , Libya of Gadafi , Afghan of Taliban , Iraq of strong Saddam , already eyeing for uranium rich Sudan and Syria and Yemen with bases in Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Qatar and else where, they have virtually made all possible deterrents in-effective.

Let us confront them at UNO forums, make moves to re-constitute Security Council, empower the UN General Assembly, drag them in International Courts for all loss of lives , peace and property and strengthen OIC with able men and women.

They desire to get hold of their ancestor's land that Muslims or any other nations are currently occupying. It is a natural outcome from the people that have been constantly denied a secure, respectable, well recognized living over a long period of time.

The most effective tool in their hands is the policy of " Divide and Rule " and then their virtual 100% control on the Finances , Economy , Free Markets and the Institution of Banking.

However they need to be neutralized as we have no physical compatibility to fight , with our ranks divided.

They should be guided and not confronted with hostility. After all they are our brothers and sisters as children of Adam and Eve.

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.

There are no short cuts to success but one may be able to accomplish tasks expeditiously by employing right tools and by teaming-up with capable hands.

What we do not have in today's world:

To make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity, technical advancement and information technology!

Plus yet un-tapped abundant natural resources.

There could be no two opinions that this world of ours ought to be disciplined. How would we do it! So that the goal is accomplished of contemplating a lasting peace.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

"Would you then, if you were given the authority, do mischief in land and sever your ties of kinship" Qur'an 47-22.

Both Jews and Muslims are people of book, religiously practicing, believing in oneness of Allah.

Both are currently oppressed and under various threats.

Being Ummah of prophet Mohammad ,pub and children of Adam and eve , are brothers and sisters to each other, with a lot in common when it relates to institution of marriage , prohibitions and permissibility of food and other areas of social and economic life.

Both together possess knowledge, resources and a purpose to peruse about the life here-in-after.

Both are terribly exploited and divided to fight with each other.

Both are fighting to survive and looking forward for a peaceful co-existence amongst nations of the world.

I will repeat here "what we do not have in today's world to make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity, technical advancement, information technology and a lot more conveniences for development and advancement and the yet untapped abundant natural resources."

Together, Jews and Muslims have every thing, the knowledge, the courage, the finances and all the other resources to turn this world into a heaven, a peaceful abode for the mankind and then by forming Asian economic block will acquire the needed strength to do it. Good ridden and good buy to policies of divide and rule, illegal and immoral occupations and no more Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Tomorrow's wonderful world
Where is the world going? Why is it filled with problems, troubles, evils and ills, causing unhappiness, confusion and misery of every kind? What lies ahead? Is there hope for a different—and truly better—world? Yes! A wonderful world—unlike anything ever seen on earth—is coming. Its arrival is certain.

Billions today live with no hope. Yet all wish for better lives, a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. Most also recognize that the collective future of all nations seems equally hopeless. If one considers history, the course of the past 6,000 years, it is difficult to avoid pessimism. When the full picture is brought into view—when all facts are considered—this world is hopeless. Modern civilization is beset—overwhelmed!—with every conceivable problem, evil, and ill that competing, grasping, self-promoting human beings could devise. Having always been sick, it is now deep in terminal illness, wheezing out its final desperate gasps before breathing its last.

The present world is a condemned building. It is like an old, empty row house—abandoned, overgrown, burned out, littered with trash, marred by broken windows, and covered in graffiti. Built on a wrong foundation from the beginning, its already weak underpinnings have now eroded to the point of collapse under its own weight. Like all condemned structures, dangerous if left standing, this "building" must come down.

The plight of all nations today stands in stark contrast to the world that is coming. An artistic masterpiece soon to be unveiled, a fantastic future—truly incredible!—lies ahead for every nation of the world! But it will not, and could never, occur under the hand of current leadership.

Everything on earth begins with government. The governments of men do not, and have never, worked. Themselves one of the biggest problems, these ineffective human inventions are unable to—and in fact will not—"snatch victory from the jaws of defeat" at the last moment before disaster!

But a better, perfect government—one not left to the devices, machinations, and confusion of men—is coming. It will usher in peace, happiness, unity, abundance, and prosperity for every human being and every country on earth.

While such a vision may seem impossible, it will happen—and in our lifetime!

The coming utopian age that god planned long ago will be absolutely marvelous—breathtaking to behold!—and it appears scripturally in vivid colors, with sharp outlines, and in exquisite detail, as a stunning, beautiful, panoramic, and previously unimagined future World escape.

A wonderful new world is on the way.

Let us first not talk of war on terror. War is a cowardice escape from problems of peace.

Let us learn the time and crisis management.

We know it well that a horse can be taken to the water but he can not be forced to drink. Let us thus not try selling ice to the Eskimos. Let us thus get to be market oriented, customer friendly and very much judicious.

Do we not know how to tame the animals! Do not we see a dolphin perform to our tunes in return for the needed food? Do we not know a calm, sleeping lion when stomuchful.

Why fight with loss of enormous resources, lives, credibility, peace and trust when one can buy the problems of difficult elements dirt cheap in comparison to costs of wars.

Let us not get violent against our own people. The violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Let us win-over the hearts. The rest will fall in consequence.

Give them jobs where they are residing to make them find alternative and productive as well as dearly needed bread earning engagements, give them recognition , to very those who put their lives secondary to their cause, challenge them to explore natural resources, find new frontiers in economic Endeavour, reclaim lands, find and mine rich deposits, lead them to find a good purpose to pursue, let them find a new lease of a happy life with good wages and do not leave them alone to be found by others who are determined to cause mischief and save them from giving up lives in suicide bombings with no fruitful ends for them or for their loved ones.

Let me come to my real point.

The real issue is the economic inequality, denial of basic rights and lack of easily accessible opportunities to a good comfortable life.

It is not only the religious extremism. It is this economic disparity which drives people mad.

Reasons of violence in beliefs are a lame excuse for going outrageous in conduct of their fight against such deprivation and unjust economic order.

We can not leave our brothers and sisters, elderly and youngsters, hungry without food or homeless on the streets and the sick unattended or the women as destitute. We just cannot.

Yes it is first their responsibility to earn for themselves but it will turn into your liability if not taken care promptly and expeditiously. Love and respect is commanded and not demanded, authority and strength is derived and not taken, privileges are earned and not taken for granted, good relations are cultivated and nourished and not dictated.

The best guarantees for us to retain the positions we are occupying, are in the deliverance of the optimum of what we could and ought to provide and that is satisfactory to the populations.

How can we reap peace when we are sowing seeds of hatred and discontent? An stitch in time saves nine and we shall reap what shall we sow.

Let us kindly do the needful when we still have the time.

Let every Government in each locality / province extends full and genuinely honest support to the noble cause of common welfare.

The world community at large and the rich in particular may consider it prudent to support the programs and policies of the entrepreneurial and employment prospects of the work forces by sharing the costs and as well as by prevailing on to the private sector and encourage them thru people friendly legislation to effectively and positively address the issues of rampant unemployment and poverty alleviation with a time table and milestones guarantees. Yes, we are doing it but looking at the results it does not appear to be enough and effective.

We need to mean business with the private sector.
No more promises. Let us accept only substantive results.

Providing needed jobs to self sustainability shall not only take the youth and the unemployed out of loitering that will as well. Provide them the most crucial training so as to be able to stand on their feet.

Let them get busy in making their living so that they have no time for bad things.

The ultimate equality in consumption is ordained by Allah himself.

We can eat and digest only as much as our body needs, wear only one dress, a pair of shoes, ride one vehicle at a time and our sleeping space is 6 by 2 ft no matter how much wealth and control we are able to possess.

Nothing follows us in the next world except our well intentioned deeds. We loose our control on our possessions and yet we will have to account for every penny as to how we acquired it and how we spent it, to the core of our intentions.

That is the life to come to stay for trillions of years.

Alas! All that we have will not follow us in our graves and our time of departure from this world is also not in our hand, the death is certain now or later.

The rich must make people friendly investments in poor countries starting Muslim majority countries to offer needed products and jobs. Take care of the basic needs. Some countries like Pakistan do not even have basic needs such as potable water and electricity as required..... the list is long.

Conceive and develop and offer conducive environment to practice peace and live happily enabling them to earn their lively hood comfortably……..give the populations their due share in the riches of the lands prudently.

Be proud and satisfied with our religion and traditions of prophet Hazrat Mohammad (pease be upon him) and never give-in to any pressure to adopt alien cultures and practices lest you be a transgressor in the reckoning of Allah and end up in grief.

Regulate all vices banned ( list those up taking help from Ulema .get rid of those one by one starting from Reba and tobacco. tobacco kills over 5 million people every year.

One of our duties as Muslim Ummah is to spread the call to the rest of the mankind to accept and adopt Islam as their way of life. but we have failed in that because the world looks at us for what we do and do not take seriously to what Islamic teachings are.

As we have slacken in this primary important duty, with an conceived view:

Considering non Muslims as enemies of Islam and Ummah, we have had to take the position of defending Islam rather than promoting Islam.

Let us thus become proactive in spreading Islam and shun the policy of protecting Islam. Let the Rabta al alam al Islami and other such institutions play their due role with the active support of king Fahad Quran printing complex at Madinah Al Monawarah.

Let us do our duty passionately and perseveringly in the manner that is not counter productive, .let us acquire the needed sincerity and a genuine devotion.

Let us give their due to the non Muslim community and that is their right to know the absolute truth and practice Islam for their ultimate salvation and admittance in paradise as one universal community of human beings, being the creation of one creator for one sole purpose.

The emphasis needs to be shifted to morality and ethics, to honest living, to legitimate thinking patterns, to healthy eating and drinking habits, to discipline in working and sleeping, to judicious sexual behavior.

Like we should be busier
In preventing ill health
and less fighting sicknesses.
Similarly we should be busier in making
People happy at large and satisfied and
less in fighting those who are not satisfied.
Let us offer solutions to the community of nations to live judiciously thru persistent negotiations and taking help from the intelligentsia and the international judiciary keeping friendly relations with all heads of states giving them gifts and inviting and visiting them regularly, demonstrating to them good of Islam and shariah in tactful manners.......but never ever over step in doing that.

The problem is that good leaderships are infested with often not rightly qualified and mostly unscrupulous advisors, heads of institutions planted by vested interests. they keep the leaderships busy in things other than real issues.

Thus results must be our measuring yard stick and not the efforts alone.

May Allah give us all the wisdom to use our choices judiciously?

With my profound regards and apologies for any unpleasant words,


Shuja R. Khan
CNIC 42301-0972423-7
163, Khayaban-e- Hafiz, Phase- 6 – DHA, Karachi -75500
Tel: 0092300-8271630

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