Empowerment of General Assembly of UNO for World Peace

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General of the United Nations
On the auspicious occasion of World Poverty Day

Subject: An Arms Free World, Tax Free World, Disease Free World with Empowerment of General Assembly of UNO

I strongly and very firmly demand an Arms Free World, Tax Free World, Disease Free World UNO legislation to Eradicate World Wide Poverty.

It is still not too late, getting back to the right frames of mind.

It is an unprecedented opportunity to current leadership of the World to turn this World into a peaceful abode for all the Mankind.

When we have lost every thing, we still have the future in our hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, fancier houses but broken homes; wider Freeways but narrower viewpoints, more degrees but less sense; more knowledge but less judgment; more experts but more problems; more medicine but less wellness.

We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values, conquered outer space but not inner space, done larger things but not better things, cleaned up the air but polluted the soul, split the atom but not our prejudice. We plan more but accomplish less.

Our failures on all the fronts. The political, the military and the diplomatic, leaves one wondering....what a poor management!

Our dilemma is that wars must be fought to keep the wheels of Arms industry running, all under the patronage of Security Council. Where is the role for which the Security Council was necessary?

The health profession peacefully watch millions of helpless people dying from Diseases which are preventable that include innocent infants and children.

If people keep suffering/ dying so what, the hospital beds are more and more occupied and the medical profession is getting more and more lucrative and the medicine industry keeps flourishing.

No serious effort is being made to eradicate the root causes of ailments and poor health, infant mortality etc.

Tobacco and Cigarette industry, killing over 6 million annually, the number of sick would be far greater, who cares if that keeps the wheels of industry running thru a chain process of letting people fall sick and then treating them thus that brings money two fold to the exploiters of mankind, one thru consumption and the other thru treatments and the so called health management.

Let us make a call on the conscience of all the vested interests in Arms, Tobacco, Drugs and other vices offering them alternatives with incentives, such as no Taxes for the next 25 years and legislate for them to invest in projects of education, health, farming, housing and other avenues of welfare of the masses decisively and perseveringly.

Let me extend a suggestion at this point of time to be taken up at the un General Assembly session to alleviate Poverty the World over. That is the energy resources of the World to be declared as common wealth of all the World's population, not limited to but including nuclear energy, oil, gas, coal and all the rest of it with easy access to all the countries based on their population statistics.

The oil producing countries will endure a little short fall of not that needed income but the whole World will gain and flourish economically and resultant socially and religiously.

The oil prices and production to be fixed by the un General Assembly with a maximum price ceiling of USD 25 per barrel and supply to each country to match it's population factor vs it's needs.

Why spend in accumulating nuclear arsenal with astronomical costs when we know we can't use that.

Boundaries have been settled, countries have been given their sovereign status, UNO and Security Council is there, the World courts are functioning why then we need defenses and armies?

We thus need to reconstitute the Security Council and Empower the General Assembly of the UNO minus all sorts of pressures.

We may also consider shifting of UN Headquarters to Dubai.

Let us thus demand an end of wasteful indulgences thru UNO legislation and an Arms Free, Tax Free, Disease Free culture, only UNO controlled armed forces and an end to the un-democratic, draconian veto powers.

Let us legislate a death penalty for developing , producing manufacturing, fabricating, trading, stocking, soliciting to deal in, transporting, carrying and using any Arms and instruments & equipments of destruction including any fireworks etc , all over the World.

The World Governments, the corporations and all the rest are wasting money, talent, resources and opportunities thereby making lives of billions difficult, rather very difficult while what we do not have in today's World to make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity, technical advancement and a high level of information technology and yet un-tapped abundant natural resources.

There should be no direct Taxation.

Indirect Taxes in aggregate not to exceed 5 % yet all products and services relating to Food, Clothing, Housing, Health ,Education and Legal Protection to be totally Tax Free.

Why do we need to Tax Masses so unreasonably for such silly things as:
(Wonder why the crimes are so less in Gulf States.?)

- War industry , armed bases , secret surveillance
- Nuclear Arms and sitting armies build-up
- Illegitimate war adventures,occupations of foreign lands
- Vices such as tobacco, wines, gambling, pornography
- Too much advertising and unnecessary printing
- Unhealthy, self defeating competition
- Duplications of facilities , over capacities
- Unemployment, beggary, mis-management of handicapped and under privileged
- Police, armed guards, rangers
- Security gadgets, surveillance machinery, secret services, intelligence agencies mafias
- Preventable Diseases, poor health management, killing millions from lack of potable water
- Lousy banking and financial system, scandalous stock trading
- Unhealthy thinking mischievous communicating, poor time and resources utilization
- Failure to learn to follow laws of nature

Thus hardly 1/3rd of the human race is doing any real work.
What good is this United Nations for............and with few exceptions, the utterly incompetent, shameless and unscrupulous World leadership.

To start with i will appeal to Muslim oil producers to allow a special concession of selling oil to other OIC Muslim countries at USD ten per barrel for next ten years as the worst sufferers of economic hegemony are Muslims all over the World.

It is six billion World's struggling poor vs a few million filthy rich, 5 or 6 countries vs 240 countries and all that 5 or 6 countries are amassing is not required by them neither they will ever be able to have excess to all those dollars frozen in western banks and with usa government.

Are we not children of Adam and Eve, brother and sister to each other, living in and sharing one Global Village.

With my apologies for any unpleasant words i had to use to trigger a long overdue awakening.


Shuja R. Khan