Swiss Banks Holding Pakistan's 28 Trillion Rupees

The PM
The Chairman Senate
The Speakers of Assemblies
The CJs of Superior Courts
The Media and Institutions of Checks and Balances

Enough is enough, shaming the shameless.
Let our Parliaments, Senate and the Hon. Courts order our Armed Forces to:

Bomb the Swiss Banks and the UNO Security Council Head Quarters for being complacent in this heinous crime against humanity as it is not only the people of Pakistan who are the only sufferer , it is many a other Nations , Billions of them.

When Crimes are committed , those take the lives of the few but when such high magnitude of financial corruption takes place, it kills millions out of hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, lack of health services and social backwardness due to lack of education and poor living conditions.

Talking about Nation's Wealth-A kick back of a Billion Dollars means a loss of a Trillion Dollars in the form of National Interests compromised and a Ten Trillions Dollars in terms of long term Impact. We are being persistently dragged to a Dog and Cat life, forced to live like destitute within our homelands.

We have been weakened to the extent that we can not do any thing while we are being raped ,killed and looted in broad day light viewed thru media cameras , supposed to be under protection of our Courts and Armed Forces , hell we are.

All Black and Not Documented Money including the Looted Money should be legalized without any penalty or taxation and with no questioning asked for bringing back into the Country for Investment in commerce and industry relating to basic needs such as Water, Power, Food, Education, Housing and Health sectors lest we end up losing all that to Foreign Banks and Countries.

UNO should be mobilized to exert due pressure on tax haven and safe haven countries in order to secure and ensure return of all that wealth of the Nations without a lapse of a moment.

Corruption is the core issue. Incompetence is the outcome of it causing all the lawlessness, chaos, deprivation, poverty and economic sufferings, all over the World.

Is Pakistan poor?

"28 trillion (28,000,000,000,000) Pak Rupees are deposited in Swiss Banks. The amount is such that if it were in Pakistan, it could be used for:- "Tax free" budget for 30 years. Giving 60 million jobs to all of Pakistan. Constructing 4 lane roads from any village to Islamabad. Ensuring a forever free supply to more than 500 social projects. Financial Assistance of Rs 20,000 per month to every citizen for 60 years. Disbanding the need of World Bank and IMF loans."

Now let me remind that our real aim ought to be the welfare of the Nation, Ummah and the Humanity at large. Our political and entrepreneurial roles are only means and not the Goals.

Let us thus gather all our thoughts and do what we will need to do in the coming days. I shall soon be addressing a press conference in this regard.

The Peaceful and Prosperous Pakistan


for The Common League
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