Wake-up Call to the World's

"Work Force"

"The wisest mind has something yet to learn" (George Santayana)

All days are going to be labour days starting from today. The end to all sorts of exploitation.

All prices shall come down to half, every child of school going age, shall be in school.

When we refuse to discipline ourselves, we get disciplined by others.

The change is on the way, the revolution has begun. Enough is enough.

Money, resources, strengths are accumulated where those are neither needed nor belong.

The rich are getting filthy rich and the poor are becoming poorer. This must come to an end.

The public servants who are paid to be responsible to do a lot of good work to the contrary assume a lot of authority and acquire numerous privileges and rather behave like the lords on those very people who happen to be their bread providing employers i. e. the voters / the tax-payers/the silent but powerful masses.

The fruits of hard labour of billions of world's toilers.

Are taken-away by these rich and their collaborating regimes in the name of free market economy and taxation.

Alas all what they have been amassing will not follow them in their graves as the ultimate equality in consumption is ordained by Allah himself. We can eat and digest only as much as our body needs, wear only one dress, a pair of shoes, ride one vehicle at a time and our sleeping space is 6 by 2 ft no matter how much wealth and control we are able to possess.

Nothing follows us in the next world except our well intentioned deeds. We loose our control on our possessions and yet we will have to account for every penny as to how we acquired it and how we spent it to the core of our intentions.

That is the life to come to stay for trillions of years and our time of departure from this world is also not in our hand, considering our current ages, our one foot is already in our graves.

What we do not have in today's world to make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity.

technical advancement, information technology and a lot more conveniences for development and advancement plus yet un-tapped abundant natural resources.

But the world has become hostage in the hands of the few unscrupulous and their collaborators in vested interests, the vested interests in arms, energy, oil, tobacco, finance, politics and the rest.

Wars must be fought to keep the wheels of arms industry running and no matter if tobacco continues to kill over six millions every year, all under the patronage of world's Executive / Judiciary.

Twice as many, these world managers, watch dying from diseases which are preventable. the causalities such as food shortages, famines and environmental disorders are over and above.

We are not the only oppressed people on earth . The white women work 5 days a week to earn the living and then they take care of every other household responsibility. Yet they are denied the basic right to live respectfully as wives and mothers.

As reported in American press, in USA 70% of rape cases reported are incidences of incest,though there are little compelling circumstances to commit such crime nor any religious extremism.

Every third child is borne to a single mother / out of a wedlock.

These fatherless, bastard children are growing up with a psyche of utter dismay in their culture and social life with no one to take responsibility for their rights to live respectfully and with so much essential and needed parental support.

The tax payers money is fluidly mis-used in illegal and immoral war adventures, yet simultaneously killing world's non combatants millions. . . . Men, women, children, the elderly, the sick indiscriminately.

The right of self determination of Palestinians and Kashmiri has not be resolved by the lame duck body of United Nations in more then half a century.

What good are these rich and the leaders for ?
and the world courts and relevant UN bodies ?

At the end of the day every one must serve to meet ends of those unscrupulous, those who happen to be the world's executive with vested financial interests and the so called richest in league with them.

We thus need a change not only in Pakistan but the world over, beginning with the righting-off of the world's current leadership,with a few exceptions, who happen to be not only corrupt but utterly incompetent, thru popular yet peaceful uprising of the silent masses.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good people do nothing. . . let us thus do something.

The media has the sacred responsibility to trigger the lawful and peaceful movement of rejection of the current world's states affairs causing enormous sufferings.

The working classes have to show their real strength, this time demanding much more then the fair wages. . . such as equitable distribution of wealth, justice and repeal of flawed laws, law and order, education and health services, nourishing food at affordable prices plus presence at the UNO and all other world bodies.

Let me extend a suggestion at this point of time to be taken up at the UN general assembly session to alleviate poverty the world over. That is the energy resources of the world to be declared as common wealth of all the world's population, not limited to but including nuclear energy and all the rest of it with easy access to all the countries based on their population statistics and virtual needs.

The oil prices and production to be fixed by the un general assembly with a maximum price ceiling of USD 25 per barrel and supply to each country to match it's population factor vs it's needs.

Money and resources are fluidly used in war games and promotion of vices,

The hard earned money so conveniently taken away from poor and oppressed masses,

Enough is enough. It is high time we consider making this world " a tax free world. "

If we wish to do a little more

Let us then work on a goal

That no direct taxes be collected by the states and

Indirect taxes not to exceed 5% including sales tax.

That may give a happy turn to our community of nations to peace and tranquility as people shall be more satisfied and comfortable, with lesser tensions and feelings of deprivation.

All products and services relating to Food, Clothing, h\Health, e\Education, Housing and Legal support to be totally tax free.

The emphasis needs to be shifted to morality and ethics, to honest living, to legitimate thinking patterns,to healthy eating and drinking habits,to discipline in working and sleeping,to judicious sexual behavior.

Like we should be more busy in preventing ill health and less fighting sicknesses. similarly we should be more busy in making people happy at large and satisfied and less in fighting those who are not satisfied.

What we really need to do is to change our priorities.

It reminds me of a proverb that "actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts."

Non issues are over emphasized and real issues are side lined.

The over emphasis on economic growth should be preceded with moral and ethical development of the nations thru genuinely good leaderships.

Governments structures must be simple, bear minimum with minimal of supporting costs, taking full advantage of e-government techniques, tele-conferencing, privatization of services.

Members of senates, parliaments and cabinets to be those socially elevated who can support on their own their living expenses. Goodbye to perks and privileges.

Those very minimal expenses of governing to be covered thru exploitation and exploration and commercialization of natural resources such as minerals, gas, oil, water, sea products, valuable stones, land, licensing services etc.

With my apologies for any unpleasant words,


Shuja ur Rehman Khan
163, khayaban-e- Hafiz, Phase - VI -, D.H.A. , Karachi-75500, Pakistan.
009221-5851239, 0092300-8271630

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