The Common League

Dear Well wishers of Pakistan and the Humanity


Conquering the World with Love - with a Passion to Serve

This is my Social, Economic and Political Plan of Good Governance of our collective Resources for Common Good of the Nation and then for all the Humanity.

I am in the process of making it public to mobilize support and consensus eventually to emerge as a Fearless and Forceful Political Party.

I shall be grateful if you do not react casually but advise me where I may make it more acceptable and practical.

A careful reading and a dedicated and a bit passionate pondering and then your teaming up to facilitate implementation of my proposals will change everything around us for a lot better to brighten the lives of Billions on our beautiful planet Earth with yet un-tapped abundant natural resources, within our lives spans.

My project is good for all, totally practical (trust me), self sustainable, non controversial and economically viable.

I just need a platform, a recognized institution, such as the political platform of "The Common League" to promote my Project of Common Welfare.

No matter how much more and repeatedly we talk and write about what is good yet the World keeps sliding from bad to worse, People acknowledge us for what we do not just what we say. We thus need to act, while we continue to talk and write.

Let us thus do our part to transform our World into a Peaceful and Prosperous abode for all irrespective of their faith or social values.

Please provide your CNIC Number, Name, Current Address and Phone Numbers to enable us to enroll you as Party Member.


Shuja R. Khan


Constitution of The Common League

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The Political and Economic Agenda of The Common League

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