The Common League
The Road Map of Pakistan’s Future
A wake-up call / when the ship sinks, the upper deck will go down with it.

Dear Well-wishers of Pakistan and the Humanity

What we do not have? 2nd largest Salts mines, 2nd largest Dam, 4th largest Cotton cultivationr, 5th largest Textile industry, 5th largest Coal mines, 5th largest Gold mines, 6th largest Armed Forces, 7th Nuclear power, 7th largest Copper mines, 6th largest best in quality and taste Mangoes and Rice crops, 8th largest Wheat crop plus not yet fully tapped Oil, Gas and Mineral Deposits, 5 Rivers and plenty of Sea shores, self-sufficiency in Food cultivation and variety of strong Workforce. We are a Nation to be reckoned being the sixth largest population on Earth.

The issue is lack of a Good Governance, the World over. Money, resources, strengths are accumulated where those are neither needed nor belong. The rich are getting filthy rich and the poor are becoming poorer. This must come to an end to achieve peace the world over.

What we do not have in today's World to make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity, technological advancement, information technology and a lot more conveniences for development and advancement plus yet un-tapped abundant natural resources.

But the World has become hostage in the hands of a few unscrupulous and their collaborators in vested interests, the vested interests in arms, energy, oil, tobacco, finance, politics and the rest.

Wars must be fought to keep the wheels of Arms industry running and no matter if Tobacco continues to kill over six millions every year, all under the patronage of World's Executive / Judiciary.

Twice as many, these world managers, watch dying from diseases which are preventable. The causalities such as food shortages, famines and environmental disorders are over and above.

'The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.'—Albert Einstein

Let us thus work together to re-create Pakistan and set a good example for rest of the World to follow. Let us thus not wait for someone to bring flowers, let us plant our own garden.

If you really wish to alleviate the sufferings of the oppressed masses, then please do what needs to be done. For the poor and most vulnerable, the difference that good, or particularly bad, governance makes to their lives is profound.

The change for which we all are very legitimately and desperately aspiring shall come from Political Activism and thru Election Process in order to be peaceful, permanent and self-sustainable.

None of our current political parties make much of a sense when it comes to handling and putting in its place Pakistan’s destiny in order. Yes there may be a few within their fold who are good and well intentioned.

When Crimes and violence are committed , those take the lives of the few but when such high magnitude of financial corruption takes place, it kills millions out of hunger,malnutrition,unemployment,lack of health services and social backwardness. Talking about Nation’s Wealth-A kick back of a Billion Dollars means a loss of a Trillion Dollars in the form of National Interests compromised and a Ten Trillions Dollars in terms of long term Impact.

We are being persistently dragged to a Dog and Cat life with lack of education and poor living conditions, forced to live like destitute within our homelands.

We have been weakened to the extent that we cannot do anything while we are being raped killed and looted in broad day light viewed thru media cameras, supposed to be under protection of our Courts and Armed Forces, hell we are.

Surprisingly our innocent Media so irresponsibly depict these NRO borne corrupt and incompetent as Public Representatives whereas they are not the Public representatives in reality as illustrated in 2008 Election's Results of National Assembly.

2008 Election’s Results of National Assembly:

Total registered votes 79.9 M (37.2 M declared fake), actually voted only 34.6 M out of Population of 180 M. Thus these Elections hold no Constitutional validity and must have long been declared null and void. Calling them democratically elected Government is thus simply a stupidity.

The entire Executive including The Prime Minister are not at all Public representatives as they keep claiming with PPP only securing under 6% of the population's votes that too 50% have since been declared fake; the Fake Degrees is yet another issue.

We thus need a new team of political players, relatively young, energetic and dedicated who are not only reasonably honest but capable as well. But before that I want a team of 500 Men and 500 Women of un-wavering integrity to head the critical areas of our institutions and pillars of State that is the Government, the Judiciary, the Armed Forces and the Media. Never mind the technocrats and professionals, those can be hired and are available in plenty in these times of un-employment and recession the world-over ,but only those will be employed who would qualify for the position and will promise under contractual bindings to deliver.

I have no plans to hold any executive office in the Government or in the Party. I will remain the convener of the party and the Chairman, Council of Guardians.

I invite all the parties, big and small, and good among them, all NGO’s and Youth organizations, high caliber technocrats and chambers of commerce and industries and all socially elevated men and women as well as Individuals of meaning and corporations, who wish all this to happen in Pakistan ,from within and outside Pakistan. to join me in implementation of this agenda of reforms for our common good.

All those who will support shall be rewarded and those who will not, specifically media and businesses, shall be considered unpatriotic. Yes they are welcome to suggest improvements with all the good intentions at hand.

"NEVER doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

But our real aim ought to be the welfare of the Nation and the Humanity at large. Our political and entrepreneurial roles are only means and not the Goals.

There in an example to follow for us as ummah of our beloved prophet Muhammad ,pbuh , that is the life of Allah's messenger.

He, pbuh,was an orphan and not a literate person yet with such meagerness of means he was able to remain an upright person.

He was a merchant, a trader, a husband, a father, a preacher, a teacher , an scholar, a prayer leader, a political leader, a soldier, a commander, a diplomat, an statesman ,a ruler ,a judge and a well-wisher of all the mankind.

We cannot sit back and see our Country being plundered and our fellow citizens made destitute within our home land by saying that we are Journalists or Businessmen or other Professionals or common Citizens and it is not our job to do anything to stop or check all lawlessness and bad governance.

As Muslims and as good human beings , we ought to do what ever is within our power and means to stop whatever bad is going on and whatever good we can promote. We are thus all guilty for all the good we did not do.

Let ourselves do what we wished others should have done.

REIT of Arif Habib and A.K.D. shall be invited along with another 100 richest of Pakistan to subscribe a share of USD 10,000 each , myself shall subscribe twice as much, to form:

The World's First Trillionaire Business Group:
One right step in a positive direction is better than hundreds of faults findings about what others are not doing.

No matter how frequently and how much we write and talk, right and only right, but the world keeps sliding from bad to worse. Let ourselves do what we wished others should have done.

Let us not wait and only wait for our political take over, let us together, in the meanwhile, as many good and well-intentioned as we can gather, form a business cum social group to serve the fellow human beings, all the brothers and sisters on our beautiful planet of earth while keeping within the parameters of commercial viability and socially friendly ,giving good returns on investments with a name of (GBG)

“Good Businesses Group“ Cooperation for Common Good.
With the goal of providing goods and services of standard quality and high utility at affordable prices, conveniently and expeditiously, starting with potable water, vegetables, poultry and fruits in the process developing import replacements and discovering export markets using microfinance funds securely with Franchising and Outsourcing medium.

Primarily covering and taking care of basic needs of potable water, food, housing, health, education and legal support while aiming to utilize domestic elements of men and materials, step by step with a steady approach.

Simultaneously extending dearly needed work and entrepreneurial opportunities with an element of skills enhancement and working on needed human resources development thru the medium of franchising and via the science of outsourcing.'

Let us consider necessary steps to set the ball rolling towards its implementation emerging as:

The World's First Trillionaire Business Group

Goal : Emerge as the world's first trillionaire business group.
Exposure: Zero risk, minimal financing and totally self sustainable.
Medium: Triggering commercially viable construction boom ...building housing, educational institutions, hospitals, industrial estates etc thereby providing:
Investment opportunities,
Health care,
Skill enhancement and Social uplift with poverty alleviation,
with an infrastructure and environment for good governance of people's needs.

For governments we will be their Economic Arm and Helping Hand and a tax payer.

The peace and security will come to the country all as a consequence.

To do this we will develop alliances with world's organizations in construction industry, education, health, financing franchising etc as well as with local financial institutions and money holders making use of the un-utilized land bank and hidden money for mutual benefit.

Our competitive edge will be our large volumes, aided by synergy of talent and resources thru franchising and outsourcing techniques with cost effective production, construction, procurement, marketing and management.

Good Business Group is an Economical and Commercial way of achieving the Goals of Alleviating Poverty thru Affording Employment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities of a large scale and while we pursue this aim, we concentrate on meeting the Basic Needs of our communities such as Water, Food, Health Services, Education, Housing, Human Resources Development and Justice.


In simple words, we aim to eradicate and reduce poverty thru identifying, offering and managing work and entrepreneurial opportunities simultaneously offering goods and services at cheaper and affordable prices while remaining commercially viable and self-sustainable.."

Our Policies and actions and party discipline shall be monitored by a Council of Guardians consisting of Technocrats and Senior Citizens and a Shoura Consisting of Retired Chief Justices, Retired Attorneys of Law, Retired Prime Ministers, Retired Presidents, Retired Armed Forces Chiefs, Retired Generals, Retired CEO's of Corporations,Ex Parliamentarians and Members of Senate, the Scholars, heads of credible NGO’s and Heads of Madrassahs.All those clean with good performance record in other political parties shall be invited to join the Governments in all the Provinces to strengthen the Institutional structure.

Now let me remind that our real aim ought to be the welfare of the Nation, Ummah and the Humanity at large. Our political and entrepreneurial roles are only means and not the Goals.

We promise, without breaking any rules and while remaining self-regulated, Allah willing, from the first hour on the desk, things will start rolling towards a total economic self-sufficiency, keeping all stake holders friendly with all tasks completed within a year's time.

Let us thus gather all our thoughts and do what we will need to do in the coming days. I shall soon be addressing a press conference in this regard.

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Please guide and support me, join me in my efforts. Join The Common League.

With my very best regards,

For The Common League.
Shuja R. Khan
163 , Khayaban-e-Hafiz, Phase - 6 , D.H.A., Karachi-75500
Tel: 021 35851239, 0300 8271630

The Common League
The Political and Economic Agenda
Security, Peace, Well Being and Happiness
of all the Seven Billion
Rich or Poor
The Peaceful and Prosperous Pakistan
and Tax Free, Disease Free ,Arms Free World.

Simple Solutions for our Complex Problems

Law and order: All Arms Licenses shall be cancelled to facilitate De-weaponising the Country and by calling back all arms and ammunitions from Police, Rangers and all other Security personnel and with all the Public. Death Penalty shall be legislated for possession and / or use of Arms and Ammunition in the future. All the violence all over the World, by and large, is engineered by various vested interests Wars are fought to keep their Arms and Reconstruction Industry Running. Conflicts are created and nourished to keep us all in need of Arms and to remain under Political and Financial Hegemony. Oil prices are kept high to keep us struggling for a piece of loaf while making our Economies and Industry uncompetitive and not viable. Pakistan enemies are promoting linguistic, religious, sectarian and institutional division for their strategic benefits that is how they intend to weaken Nuclear Pakistan. All such politics shall be ruthlessly banned in order to frustrate enemy designs against our Nation. Consensus shall be developed amongst the World's Masses to demand an Arms Free, Tax Free and Disease Free World.

Sovereignty: Stories of Religious Extremism, Terrorism, Talibans, Excesses of IMF and Drone Attacks and presence of XE / Black Water personnel shall be made History thru a classic approach of high level of diplomacy and determination with a courage to say a definite “NO” to all that is not acceptable.

Taxation: Born free, taxed to death. The system of Direct Taxation shall be abolished for all those who earn below Rupees Fifty Million a year including the Salaried people in order to attract a massive inflow of Local as well as Foreign Investment to trigger Industrial Boom for a resultant Economic Boom with much higher GDP with resultant abundant Employment Opportunities and with freedom from cumbersome documentation and paper work for the less educated. Indirect Taxation / GST etc shall be fixed at a maximum of 5%. All other, more than a dozen types of Cess, Levies and Surcharges, shall stand suspended However Taxes on Imports shall continue to be applicable. . Taxes on those earning over 50 million a year shall be appropriately increased to meet the revenue targets.

Government: Governments structures shall be simple, bear minimum with minimal of supporting costs,taking full advantage of e-government techniques, tele-conferencing, privatization of services.

Number of ministries shall be reduced to only seven, cabinet ministers to 13 and parliaments of provinces, senate and shoura council to have only 25 members each with a fixed quota for senior journalists,retired generals,retired chief justices and retired president s and prime ministers with the age limit of 70.

Those very minimal expenses of governing shall predominantly be covered thru exploitation and exploration and commercialization of natural resources such as minerals,gas,oil,water,sea products,valuable stones,land , licensing services etc.

The governments will work 200 hours a month. All officials must earn their wages by providing the assigned services to the citizens and to the state.

Members of senates, parliaments and cabinets to be those socially elevated Who can support on their own their living expenses.

All photos of every leader shall be removed from every where as well as all such bill boards.

Services: Most Governmental Services shall be Outsourced and / or Franchised with Government vs Public Partnership on Self Sustainable pattern to lessen the burden on the Government as well as on the masses limiting such burden only on those who shall use such specific services and not all the rest of population with resultant improved, efficient and modernized services availability, with both Men and Women, Human Resource Entrepreneurial Development, Deployment and Skills Enhancement.

Energy, Banking, Education, Medicine, Insurance, Communication, Transport and related areas shall be publicly owned with individual's shares holding not to exceed15 % allowing active participation of professionals in the field and accelerating good performance.

Looted Money: All Black and Not Documented Money including the Looted Money shall be legalized without any penalty or taxation and with no questioning asked for bringing back into the Country for Investment in commerce and industry relating to basic needs such as Water, Power, Food, Education, Housing and Health sectors lest we end up losing all that to Foreign Banks and Countries. UNO shall be mobilized to exert due pressure on tax haven and safe haven countries in order to secure and ensure return of all that wealth of the Nation. However all those media and party supporters of corrupt shall be expelled from the Country.

Foreign Debt: Support shall be mobilized for Writing off of all the Foreign Debt and an end to Debt servicing to alleviate the sufferings of the masses with a restrain on fresh Government Borrowing. If USA with all the resources cannot pay their debt, why Pakistani Nation is compelled to settle illegitimate and reckless disbursements to looters and plunderers without due diligence by lending agencies for their own ulterior motives and vested interests.

Oil Prices: Through an OIC Resolution the Oil Prices shall be fixed for the next 5 years at a maximum of US Dollar 25 per Barrel with supply to each OIC Country to match its population factor vs. its needs in order to buy peace and eradicate poverty in these down trodden Countries. To reciprocate, "Economic Advantages" shall be offered in and by Importing Countries to the Exporting Countries in Exports -Imports and Investments. The oil producing Countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Libya and UAE will endure a little short fall of not that needed revenue but over 1.5 Billion oppressed people of the World will gain and flourish economically and socially. More over Sovereign Funds of the Gulf Countries are better secured when invested in OIC Countries in Industry and Commerce relating to basic needs of Water, Food, Housing, Education and Health Projects in JV arrangements with renowned and credible local Business Groups. An initiative shall be launched to have one common currency for the whole of Middle East or at least GCC / Gulf.

Mergers: Legislation shall be introduced for Mergers and Amalgamations for cost effective Banking, Insurance, Financing, Education, Health Services, Transport,Mailing, Information Technology, Media, Broad Casting, Beauracracy, Cultivation, Farming, Processing, Production, Distribution, Marketing, Exports, Bulk Buying, Procurement, Logistics, Services and Management to check un-necessary duplication and overcrowding. . All sick and closed down industrial units, shipping lines, airlines and export houses shall be revived with a professional re-engineering process and shall be handed over to technically sound professionals or merged with currently successful business houses on easy terms. . Techniques of franchising and outsourcing shall be developed , given awareness and encouraged.

Prices: Consequently Prices of all essential items of Food, Medicine, Fuel, Utilities and many other Goods and Services shall be reduced to, more or less, Half of current levels. Price freeze shall be imposed on all other items. Cost effective, high volume production units shall be established in Government – Private Partnerships with Foreign Aid and Overseas Pakistanis Participation for items of mass consumption and those which are Exportable and have worldwide demand to bring the costs and prices down. Maximum Prices shall be fixed for sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha.Hotel Rooms, Restaurants and Fast Food Prices shall be halved to make it affordable for all classes of people while National Franchises shall be developed on the pattern of Tazaj and Albaik of Saudi Arabia with their help and cooperation.

Armed Forces: Armed Forces shall be further strengthened with higher number of soldiers, including those on pension / retired, in return for a better remuneration and reward, shall then be utilized for Construction of Dams, Roads, Rail-roads, Housing, Hospitals, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Sports Complexes, Industrial Estates and other Civil Infrastructures to build Pakistan on self-sustainable basis.

World Peace: Support and consensus shall be gathered of all 57 OIC Countries to make good use of Sovereign Funds of Gulf Royals 'with help and guidance from learned amongst the 1.6 Billion Muslim Population' to lobby in favour of a real good Presidential candidate in next US Elections.

Such funds shall also be invested in tiny European States to help those countries to grow economically and to earn friendships. We shall work smart and strive hard to turn this World of ours into a sane abode for all the humanity with so much and yet untapped natural resources triggering prosperity and promoting peace and harmony. No need to wage wars or topple Governments while we can do all the reforms all over the World thru an effective UN General Assembly with Veto powers withdrawn,Nato dismantled and UN Peace Keeping Force in the making.

Cooperation for Common Good: An initiative shall be launched to form an Economic Block of Asian Countries consisting of most Islamic Countries as well as Israel, India , Russia , Japan , Korea and China , with an aim of bringing needed peace thru prosperity and alleviation of Poverty, by synergizing of Financial Resources of the Gulf with Knowledge and human resources of all other Countries. While a dialogue shall be opened to make a confederation of Afghanistan and Pakistan to harness the entire population into one Nation with better relations with India and Bangladesh keeping in view of the common welfare of Muslim population in general and Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh in particular while Population planning function shall focus on welfare and better care of newly born infants, their growth and wellbeing of their mothers with no special emphasis on birth control.

A forceful campaign shall be lodged to secure rights of self-determination and its implementation thru UNO resolutions about Kashmir and Palestine with the aim to stop bloodshed and killing of any human by another human without a due judicious process with promulgation of very severe punishments for such a crime.

Power Generation: An emergency shall be declared, to avoid losses of Trillions in Production, in Energy sector with mobilization of Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass and Coal Power Generation to brighten our homeland and to move the wheels of our Industry and Commerce simultaneously offering massive Employment Opportunities. With reduction in tariff and simplification in new connections, Death Penalty shall be legislated for theft of Gas and Electricity. All institutional and Government corruption shall be handled with an iron hand. Though the Producing and Manufacturing sectors shall be legislated to work round the clock , the Commercial activities shall be allowed to work only between 0700 to 1900 hrs with zero lood shedding.

Northern Areas: Northern Areas , with the help of the Donor countries , UNO specific relevant Funds, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet foundations, the UNICEF, the Universal Medical Profession , Health Ministries, Medicine Industry, Health Industry plus with cooperation of local population and support of 40 Richest Families in Pakistan and the Lending Institutions, Gulf Sovereign Funds etc, may be developed as a complex of Mega Medical Cities for our Global community with Universities for Students and Hospitals for the Sick from all over the World with Homes for neglected and separated , mostly Western, Elderly for a managed living to spend their final days in comfort of beautiful valleys, excellent climate, healthy environment at a friction of the cost they incur back at their home places with secured Hostels for the Students ,Doctors , paramedical staff and the Teaching faculties plus Hotels for the visitors thereby making those areas economically viable and self-sustainable providing at the same times employment and skill enhancement opportunities for the local population to live in peace while engaged in bread earning noble tasks in the field of health services.

Health: A program shall be initiated for Free Medical Consultations and Vaccinations for all thru a Network of Clinics cum Pharmacy Outlets supported by Health and Medicine Industry, WHO and the UNICEF focusing on Disease Eradication more then the simple Disease Management to Build a Healthy Nation while making it mandatory for all the Citizens to follow Healthy Living Conditions with availability of Potable Water bottle of 23 liters in just Rs.25/-Government and private sector Employers, with a strength of 30 employees and over shall be made liable to contribute towards Medical Insurance of Employees and their Families. In consultation with medical profession and hospital owners, the schedule of charges shall be minimized and no bills shall be raised by any Doctor or Hospital on relatives of the dead bodies. If considered necessary, Health Industry shall first be Nationalized and then Franchised and Outsourced to Professionals in their Fields.

Economy: A Reckoning shall be Undertaken of Country's Strengths and Resources , both Material as well as Human, of Strategic Position and Potentials and then, as far as considered feasible, the Cities shall be Developed according to Products Classifications such as Shoes City, Furniture City, Textile City, Handicrafts City etc… with a Network of Vendors Support, for Competitiveness in Export Markets and to Make those Affordable for the Domestic Population simultaneously Catering to Skill Development and Economies of Large Scale Production with Needed Study and Adoption of Success Models the World Over with privatization of TDAP and TCP with a focus on a Trillion Dollars World Potential of Halal Foods with special emphasis on value addition in sea food products. Heads of institutions shall only be those who will have a success track record in relevant fields with higher education such as PhDs or at least Masters. All the existing arrangements and bilateral agreements with other nations shall be made mutually beneficial and fair after scrutiny and due diligence. A world consortium shall be formed to identify, quantify, evaluate and explore natural resources in collaboration of the 50 richest of Pakistan.

Autonomy: The Country shall be geographically re-classified, more or less, into Ten Provinces, with equal population as far as possible, with own independent Parliaments and Cabinets with Equitable Distribution of National Resources. As is said...What ends well is well .Let us together commit ourselves to find simple solutions for our complex problems. Let us get going with the task of re-creating Pakistan’s Northern Areas. The Federal Capital shall be shifted to somewhere in Baluchistan for the next 25 years with inclusion of Talibans in the cabinet.

E-Voting: Registration of voters shall be done by e filing and voting shall be conducted thru NADRA, after having registered 100% adult population and giving them CNIC cards, via sms, email and recorded phone calls with a payment of Rupees 500.- to each voter and with penalty of Rupees 5,000 for not voting ,to save cost of traditional polling, avoid violence, stop bogus voting, make the elections transparent and meaningful with participation of all stake holders in the Country. The top 500 Business Community Members / Families / Entities shall have to provide the needed funds for this process as those will be the major beneficiaries of a Good Governance. Future elections shall be held nonparty based and all those politicians, leaders and officials who have become controversial and old shall be forcefully pleaded to step down and stay aside with handing over of their current positions to competent and honest within their folds. The axis of all Corruption and bad Governance the Political Party system shall be abolished.

Banking: Banks, as far as considered appropriate, shall be transformed into Investment Companies owned and operated by Depositors and Account Holders for funding the Economy as Equity with just very little and essential Lending and Consumer Financing with re-valuation of Rupee and US Dollar parity to our legitimate economic advantage. All Bank Accounts shall be current accounts and irrespective of the level of amounts standing in credit, an equitable portion of profit shall be credited in all the accounts on a daily basis, like wise accounts in red shall be debited on a daily basis for an equitable percentage of mark-up based on the rates determined from month to month with the consent of the account holders.Shedule of charges shall be kept to a minimum for all services rendered by the Banks including those on Credit Cards. Foreign investment in financial sector shall be gradually reduced and diverted towards lucrative construction industry on BOT basis. Mark-up/ Interest rates shall be kept below 6% with the help and guidance of those countries where such rates are below 6%.

Housing: A Triggering of Construction Boom shall be facilitated with an aim to create Employment, Build Hospitals, Educational Institutes and Affordable Housing etc. Real estate construction and trading shall be regulated so as to bring the prices and rents down and accessible and affordable to the majority of the population on easy terms and to encourage investments with change in rent laws and real estate leasing similar to other assets leasing, allowing facilities of Asset Leasing to Pakistanis including those working and living abroad so as to set the ball rolling towards Housing Self-sufficiency with a promise of ownership of a house for every family.

Transport: Work opportunities shall be developed around populated areas and housing shall be built around industrial areas to save time and money in commuting.. Transportation shall be modernized and heavily subsidized to make it convenient and affordable for common men and women.

Austerity: A Ban shall be imposed on imports of Non-essential and unproductive articles including Diamonds, Gold, Ornaments, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Garments, Textiles, Arms and Ammunitions etc. It will be made mandatory on Exporting Companies to Invest part of their export revenues in Industrialization in Pakistan with technology transfer on an offset plan basis. Strikes, Shut Downs, Load Shedding Mass Public Meetings and Demonstrations shall be banned with all 7 days as Work Days.

All traveling for Foreign Treatments and Education Abroad shall be heavily restricted in order to promote establishment of good quality and high ranking health services and educational institutions within the Country.

Education: Education is not a matter of option. It is a duty ordained by Allah swt Himself and documented in Qura'n.With Current Education level below 20% , emergency measures are needed to catch up with the Goal of educating the Nation. Education shall be declared as Industry with zero taxation to allow massive investment by private sector and to attract foreign investment. However Maximum Fee Levels shall be imposed. 100 % compulsory and concessionary Primary Education shall be legislated with all educational institutions to work 20 Hours (3 Shifts) a Day and 7 Days a Week. .All children shall not be compelled to study irrelevant subjects such as geometry, algebra, history, geography etc. Curriculums shall be simplified. The Students of Higher Classes shall be required to teach those in junior classes in order to cope up with the greater need of Teaching Faculty with emphasis on establishment of new Mothers and Teachers Training Institutes as well as distant learning and e-education shall be promoted. All Mosques shall be Madrassah Mosques and all Hospitals shall be Teaching Hospitals. All retired teachers shall be called back to perform their duties . Government and Private Sector Employers with 30 or more employees shall be made liable to contribute 50% of the Concessionary Schools Fees to the extent of two children per family. Degrees to all qualifying boys and girls shall be issued after them having completed a 24 months house jobs with any recognized teaching institution. By 2020 Pakistan shall be the most educated country on earth with a 100% literacy rate. Funding, support, cooperation and affiliations shall be gathered from all over the world to meet targets.

Women: Women shall be supported with enabling environment to join main streams of social and economic life of the Nation as Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Religious Scholars, Researchers, Architects, Designers, Equity holders, Entrepreneurs and Parliamentarians with establishment of all Women Hospitals, Schools, Stock Exchanges and Courts. Islamic Inheritance Laws shall be properly implemented.

Employment: 100% Employment shall be legislated with a total ban on Beggary, with enabling environment and compelling circumstances to make it necessary and mandatory for everyone to work for living and be able to play a positive and constructive role in the society thereby being allowed to turn into a resource rather than a liability with an special emphasis on rehabilitation of people of Middle Sex to live in peace, honour and with equal rights as Citizens of Pakistan. Maximum salary in Government and Private Sector shall most probably be fixed at Rs.250,000 pm including all fringe benefits.

Jails, Orphanages and Madrassahs shall continue to play their coveted roles but at the same time shall be transformed into Industrial Homes as well. Every one shall work for a reward to continue to look after their households to save them from destitution.

All those who are on pension, with some additional payment, shall be motivated to engage themselves in work according to their mental and physical capability and suitability to play their productive roles instead of just sitting and / or loitering around having no aims to pursue.

Judiciary: All court cases shall be decided in 20 weeks’ time. Dates shall be fixed not for attendance but for real hearing to make it time and cost effective and result oriented, with freeing of all prisoners of minor and political crimes and all those who are lingering in jails without trials thru a judicial process.

The Institution of Justice shall be over-overwhelmingly reorganized to concentrate on Alternative Dispute Resolution concept with lawyers to be restricted to charging fixed rates of fees definitely not all of it in advance but half of it after the settlement of disputes / cases.

The appointments of judges shall continue to be proposed by the President in consultations with Supreme Judicial councils but the Senate should approve those appointments after open scrutiny in front of the Press and the Electronic Media directly relayed live on TV screens, starting the process of such scrutiny with the current lower Judiciary.

The Supreme Judicial Council shall be constituted from amongst the living retired Chief Justices of Superior Courts. All photos shall be removed from court rooms and elsewhere and names of Allah shall be inscribed.

All documentation of Marriages, Businesses, Properties, Inheritances and Services and all other written arrangements shall be done in Courts so as to make it judicious, comprehensive and duly registered so as to avoid unnecessary future litigation.

Social Coherence: Inter provincial and inter sects marriages shall be encouraged to help recreate healthier Nation, build national coherence and to embrace religious harmony and reduce problems related to ethnicity and religion. Marriage Expenditures shall be regulated so as to keep those to a minimum. Marriages of Pakistanis with foreigners shall be facilitated with new convenient regulations and easy requirements.

All those who shall marry girls of ages 35 and above including those with disability and not yet married shall be given jobs in Government and Private sector according to their education, experience and physical condition.

Productive Environment: Thus giving an enabling environment to common men and women to live in Peace, Security, Honour and Dignity while keeping them busy in bread earning engagements in productive / constructive activities, all with commercial viability and making all that rewarding for the investors and the team players. Workers of Factories shall be provided accommodation on ownership basis within and around Industrial Estates and Teachers near Educational Institutions.

We may also wish to constitute a Shoura Consisting of: Retired Chief Justices, Retired Attorneys of Law, Retired Prime Ministers, Retired Presidents, Retired Armed Forces Chiefs, Retired Generals, Retired CEO's of Corporations,Ex Parliamentarians and Members of Senate and The Scholars and Heads of Madrassahs.

Our Audience:
All The Population in the Age Group of 15 To 45
The Men and Women Serving in Armed Forces
The Daring Men and Women of Media
The Teachers and the Students
The Intellectuals and the Writers
The Noble Professionals of Politics, Medicine and Law
The Activists of Trade Unions and Human Rights
The Imams of Mosques, the Madrassah Faculty and Students
The Community of Businessmen and Women, the Real Stake Holders of Nation's Economy, Wealth and Assets
The Holders of Sovereign Funds in GCC Countries

Demographics of Pakistan:
Total population: 174 million approx.
0-14 years: 36.7% (male 33,037,943/female 31,092,572)
15-64 years: 59.1% (male 53,658,173/female 49,500,786)
65-over: 4.2% (male 3,495,350/female 3,793,734) (2009 est.)
According to the 2009 Human Development Report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 60.3% of Pakistanis live on less than $2 a day.
Let us do our best to raise that to Dollar Ten per day in the next 24 months.
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My very best regards,


Shuja R. Khan
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