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    This is my Social, Economic and Political Plan of Good Governance of our collective Resources for Common Good of the Nation and then for all the Humanity.

    I am in the process of making it public to mobilize support and consensus eventually to emerge...

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    Let us thus do our part to transform our World into a Peaceful and Prosperous abode for all irrespective of their faith or social values.

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The Common League - The Political and Economic Agenda

The Common League
The Road Map of Pakistanís Future
A wake-up call / when the ship sinks, the upper deck will go down with it.

Dear Well-wishers of Pakistan and the Humanity

What we do not have? 2nd largest Salts mines, 2nd largest Dam, 4th largest Cotton cultivationr, 5th largest Textile industry, 5th largest Coal mines, 5th largest Gold mines, 6th largest Armed Forces, 7th Nuclear power, 7th largest Copper mines, 6th largest best in quality and taste Mangoes and Rice crops, 8th largest Wheat crop plus not yet fully tapped Oil, Gas and Mineral Deposits, 5 Rivers and plenty of Sea shores, self-sufficiency in Food cultivation and variety of strong Workforce. We are a Nation to be reckoned being the sixth largest population on Earth.

The issue is lack of a Good Governance, the World over. Money, resources, strengths are accumulated where those are neither needed nor belong. The rich are getting filthy rich and the poor are becoming poorer. This must come to an end to achieve peace the world over.

What we do not have in today's World to make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity, technological advancement, information technology and a lot more conveniences for development and advancement plus yet un-tapped abundant natural resources.

But the World has become hostage in the hands of a few unscrupulous and their collaborators in vested interests, the vested interests in arms, energy, oil, tobacco, finance, politics and the rest.

Wars must be fought to keep the wheels of Arms industry running and no matter if Tobacco continues to kill over six millions every year, all under the patronage of World's Executive / Judiciary.

Twice as many, these world managers, watch dying from diseases which are preventable. The causalities such as food shortages, famines and environmental disorders are over and above.

'The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.'óAlbert Einstein

Let us thus work together to re-create Pakistan and set a good example for rest of the World to follow. Let us thus not wait for someone to bring flowers, let us plant our own garden.

If you really wish to alleviate the sufferings of the oppressed masses, then please do what needs to be done. For the poor and most vulnerable, the difference that good, or particularly bad, governance makes to their lives is profound.

The change for which we all are very legitimately and desperately aspiring shall come from Political Activism and thru Election Process in order to be peaceful, permanent and self-sustainable.

None of our current political parties make much of a sense when it comes to handling and putting in its place Pakistanís destiny in order. Yes there may be a few within their fold who are good and well intentioned.

When Crimes and violence are committed , those take the lives of the few but when such high magnitude of financial corruption takes place, it kills millions out of hunger,malnutrition,unemployment,lack of health services and social backwardness. Talking about Nationís Wealth-A kick back of a Billion Dollars means a loss of a Trillion Dollars in the form of National Interests compromised and a Ten Trillions Dollars in terms of long term Impact.

We are being persistently dragged to a Dog and Cat life with lack of education and poor living conditions, forced to live like destitute within our homelands.

We have been weakened to the extent that we cannot do anything while we are being raped killed and looted in broad day light viewed thru media cameras, supposed to be under protection of our Courts and Armed Forces, hell we are.

Surprisingly our innocent Media so irresponsibly depict these NRO borne corrupt and incompetent as Public Representatives whereas they are not the Public representatives in reality as illustrated in 2008 Election's Results of National Assembly.

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  • Swiss Banks Holding Pakistan's 28 Trillion Rupees

    The PM
    The Chairman Senate
    The Speakers of Assemblies
    The CJs of Superior Courts
    The Media and Institutions of Checks and Balances

    Enough is enough, shaming the shameless.
    Let our Parliaments, Senate and the Hon. Courts order our Armed Forces to:

    Bomb the Swiss Banks and the UNO Security Council Head Quarters for being complacent in this heinous crime against humanity as it is not only the people of Pakistan who are the only sufferer , it is many a other Nations , Billions of them.

  • Decision of Peace and Prosperity

    Dear First Lady Michelle Obama
    Dear Vice President Joe Biden
    Dear David Plouffe, Senior Advisor to the President

    Let us start to give life and stop killing. One day we will have to account for it as there is a reaction for every action....a law of Nature.

  • Agenda of Greater Israel

    Talking of War on Terror, Violence, Religious Extremism........ the truth is that:

    It is the Agenda of Greater Israel.

    But Nuclear Pakistan is a deterrent, an obstacle on the way to Madina Almonawara and the Holy lands.

    They first divided the Arabs into tiny defenseless States and installed puppet regimes by engineered dismantling of Ottoman Empire.

    Reduced Turkey to nothing. Thanks to Lawrence of Arabia.

  • Eradication of the root causes of ailments for disease prevention and life preservation


    Health of the masses is at the mercy of vested interests in medical profession and medicine industry.Health of the masses is at the mercy of vested interests in medical profession and medicine industry.

    Both are busy day and night in amassing money. new expensive drugs are invented to enhance the corporations profitability and new procedures are invented in medical field to increase diagnostic and treatment costs. today such costs stand beyond the reach of common man.



    Cigarettes kill over 5,000,000 men and women all over the world annually, with no exception of age. It is left to the imagination of the readers to guess the number of sick and the disabled.

    The money is lost firstly in tobacco consumption, then in fighting the diseases related to smoking and other tobacco products, besides the lost income of the deceased.

  • Wake-up Call to the World's

    "The wisest mind has something yet to learn" (George Santayana)

    All days are going to be labour days starting from today. The end to all sorts of exploitation.

    All prices shall come down to half, every child of school going age, shall be in school.

    When we refuse to discipline ourselves, we get disciplined by others.

    The change is on the way, the revolution has begun. Enough is enough.

  • Lead Asia's Economy and Lead the World to Peace / a Rejoinder

    Let us form a formidable block of Asian Countries to protect our honour, resources and boundaries that would automatically include most Islamic Countries as well as Israel, India, Russia, Japan, Korea and China, with an aim of bringing needed peace and prosperity, a beginning to an end of all the hostilities master minded by those who are trying to benefit from policies of divide and rule.

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